Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tough People Do

First, I will admit I stole my title from a song by Trace Adkins but it’s appropriate for what I want to say and share with you all.
This isn’t Poser/Daz or art related but it’s something that touches most of us today. September 11, 2001 and Americas’/American’s perseverance.
For any of you who do not know much about the United States of America and it’s history I will do a sort of quick run down. America was being taxed on everything and England had refused us (the colonies) representation in the House of Parliament so we did what people do when they aren’t being treated appropriately we revolted and we fought to be our own nation. This is the basic most simplistic description of our revolution with England.
Throughout our history the United States has been faced with extreme adversity both man made as well as natural. We never seem to know the word quit and this is something we all should be proud of.
The Great Depression, WWII when so many of our young and old men went to other countries to help with the war on Nazi Germany, disasters like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Wild fires in the west, September 11,2001 when our country was attacked for whatever reason a foreign faction deemed appropriate, even what is now called “the great recession” We cry, we scream, we suffer from PTSD, yes and sometimes we go to war.
That isn’t what I want to focus on. What I want to focus on is this. The United States of America never just lays down and says we’re done. American’s as a whole do not know the word quit. We pick up our tools be them pen and paper or a hammer and nails and we get back to work when it’s all said and done. We take our time to greave, we say our prayers, and when it’s time to rebuild New Orleans, the World Trade Center, most of the western USA we do what has to be done.  I want to tell you both American’s and those of  you who aren’t, that THIS is why American’s are proud of our country. It’s not the stereotype of rednecks and guns, everyone being rich (which we all aren’t) It’s the never say die attitude America/American’s have.  It’s the fact that as a whole we NEVER EVER give up hope. We keep on keeping on. I know there are other countries who are just the same in this respect but it’s your country and you should be proud of it just as American’s are proud of America.
We find heroes in our everyday lives in everyday people. People who won’t just stand by while one person beats on another because “it’s not their business” Granted there are still people like that in America but as a whole we as a nation feel it is our duty to stand up for the little guy and if that means building a house for our neighbor who lost it all in a wildfire then that’s what we do. We have people on an airplane in Pennsylvania who brought down a plane for the greater good, gave their lives to save the lives of others. Firefighters and Policemen who didn’t run away but towards a burning collapsing building in NY 11 years ago today. A teacher who calls CPS because a child comes to school beaten and bruised, a Dr. who donates his time in a free clinic. We are America and we are proud and we have EVERY REASON TO BE!


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