Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poser and DAZ Tutorials you shouldn’t miss and some great places to go for help.

I don’t claim to know everything about poser, nor do I assume to be some Poser/Daz expert. This is  probably why you might benefit from my advice if you are just starting out in 3D art.
I have stared blankly at some other artists images for hours thinking to myself. How did they do that? Often I still don’t know the answer but I do know of a few places where you can get some really good advice and tips for cleaning up your Poser/DAZ image so let’s get started shall we?

First up is to me THE best place to get help from other newbies and some old hands at Poser/DAZ studio. This is a place I went ALL the time back when it was on MSNForums, now I never seem to have a lot of time. You absolutely need to check out  Poser For Dummies, these folks not only have been around a long time, they also are more than willing to not just share their image experiences and tips but tips on becoming a vendor, making characters, lighting, postwork and even Hexagon on occasion!
You can find these lovely folks right here
Also, believe it or not Deviant art is a really good place for some great tuts and pointers. Alfaseed (and if you have never heard of Alfaseed(previously Ariesoul and I could be misspelling that you can find their content at has even posted their render settings for poser

There’s glowy postwork for poser-
Video postwork tutorials-
SIlverblades who has lots of different tutorials
DAZ has tutorials-

and if you look around so do SmithMicro and Renderosity
and if you have a problem with Poser and you just can’t figure it out, head over to RDNA there’s always someone over there who is willing to help out!

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  1. Thanks for posting these links. I did some animation with Daz and Bryce 5 years ago. I just downloaded Daz Studio 4.5 and Bryce 7 and I was quickly reminded of the problem of dealing with content/files. Can you remind me of the trick for correctly getting shared content to load into the correct folders? I seem to recall that there was one specific unzip utility/setting that would do the trick.